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Summer Semester 2015

  • 05.06 Daniel Mützel, Berlin
    Innovative deportation methods made in Germany – and how refugees are fighting against them
  • 06.06 Peter Berz, Berlin
    Biological Media Theory
  • 06.06 Tatiana Volkova, Moscow
    The Chronicles of the Russian Activist Art
  • 07.06 Dimitrios Ginosatis, Athens
    On consciousness, strange loops and recursiveness
  • 09.06 Sotirios Bahtsetzis, Athens
    Semiopower and Eikonomia
  • 09.06 Anna Markoulidaki, Athens
    Ancient Greek language lessons during the entire month
  • 10.06 Marc-Robin Wendt, Berlin
    Dating History
  • 11.06, 12.06 Matthias Hofmann, Berlin
    Seminar on Janusz Korczak
  • 12.06, 13.06 Matthias Hofmann, Berlin
    Emancipatory Thought and Action. A Journey Through Time exploring Philosophical and Pedagogical Ideas
  • 12.06, 13.06, 14.06 Filippos Vasileiou, Athens
    M.F.A. (Martial Fine Arts)
  • 14.06 Olesya Turkina, St. Petersburg
    Book presentation: “Soviet Space Dogs”
  • 15.06 Poka-Yio, Athens
    Studio Talk
  • 15.06, 16.06 Luca Di Blasi, Berlin, Bern
    Meta-Politics of Suspicion
  • 15.06 Dimitra Dimopoulou, Athens
    The Perfect Leap
  • 23.06 George Caffentzis, Brooklyn, NY
    Plato’s Republic and Student Loan Debt
  • 24.06 Georgia Kotretsos, Athens
    Artist Visit
  • 25.06, 30.06, 01.07 Tania Hron
    Reading Friedrich Kittler. A History of Media and Media Studies
  • 25.06, 27.06 Raimar Stange, Berlin
    Let’s do it!
  • 26.06 Ioulia Mermigka, Athens
    An Ethico-Aesthetic Paradigm Against the Fascistization of Society
  • 27.06 Urban Void, Athens
    Farewell to the City – Again
  • 29.06, 30.06, 02.07 Moritz Mattern, Berlin
    3D Environments: Maya
  • 01.07 A.C.G, Athens
    A.C.G – The Legion of the Modest
  • 02.07, 03.07, 04.07 Christoph Keller, Berlin
  • 03.07 Adonis Volanakis, New York, Athens
    A visit to Athens Festival installation – a guided tour with artist sharing the process

Winter Semester 2015

  • 19.09 Marc-Robin Wendt, Berlin
    Franchise or co-operative capitalism? Two possible futures for our society
  • 06.10 Valerija Pintschuk, Berlin
    INFORMATION WARFARE as part of the HYBRID WAR – Russia’s imperialistic (neo)-colonial tactics
  • 07.10 Tania Hron, Berlin
    Short and Intense Seminar: Fly High with Friedrich Kittler
  • 08.10 Benjamin Wilck, Berlin
    What’s wrong with Euclid’s definitions of ‘odd’ and ‘even’? Aristotelian refutation of a definition and ancient arithmetic
  • 14.11 Lucy Beynon, Lisa Jeschke, William Rowe, Sean Bonney, London
    Theatre, Poetry and Militant Politics
  • 20.11 Student ID printing action
  • 22.11, 23.11 Yannick Oster, Karlsruhe
    molecular aesthetics – from quantum states to discrete alien realities
  • 24.11 Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen, Berlin, Helsinki
    Perpetuum Mobilizations from 2007-2015
  • 25.11 Sotirios Bahtsetzis, Athens
    Giving Time: Reinventing Art’s Economy
  • 26.11 Tania Hron, Berlin
    Program of an Alternative Thinking – “Media Determine our Situation” Friedrich Kittler 1943-2011
  • 27.11 Dimitrios Ginosatis, Athens
    European Union: An essentially secularized onto-theo-logical problem
  • 28.11 Hiroshi McDonald Mori
    Diarrhea and Hermes in the mirror stage
  • 29.11 Student ID printing action

Summer Semester 2016

  • 17.04 Sotirios Bahtsetzis (Athens), Vasyl Cherepanyn (Kyiv), Paul B. Preciado (Athens, Kassel), Joulia Strauss (Berlin, Athens)
    On Education
  • 17.04 Daphne Büllesbach, Berlin (European Alternatives), Jakub Dymek and Igor Stokfiszewski, Warsaw (Krytyka Polityczna)
    Meeting Large European Networks
  • 18.04 Daniel Mützel, Berlin
    Border Security In The Robotic Age
  • 19.04 Rafał Żwirek, Warsaw
    World premiere of the film documentary „Forget Fear – Story of Occupy Biennale“
  • 20.04 Alyssa Moxley, in collaboration with C.A.S.A. for Transmission Art Festival Athens – Karlsruhe
    4Dsound: points on the curve
  • 20.04 Sebastian Schäfer, Berlin
    Acoustic weapons: from the walls of Jericho to the GitMo playlist
  • 21.04 Marta Madej, Berlin
    Introduction of Krytyka Polityczna Center. Screening of „Brave New World / Nowy wspaniały świat“, a documentary by Maria Smarz-Koczanowicz
  • 22.04 Raimar Stange, Berlin
    Forget Institutional Critique
  • 23.04 Ioulia Mermigka, Athens
    Incorporeal materialities: Politics of the body, gender, language and rythm
  • 24.04 Hiroshi McDonald Mori, Berlin, Tokyo
    Final Fantasy
  • 13.05 Joan Ayrton, Hugo Brégeau, Érik Bullot, Thibaut Gauthier, Louis Henderson, João Vieira Torres, Stephen Wright, James Simbouras
  • 15.05 Global Nuit Debout Syntagma
    Tania Hron: Berlin Media Theory: Program of an Alternative Thinking – “Media Determine our Situation” Friedrich Kittler 1943-2011
  • 25.05 Mriganka Madhukallya, Assam
    Assembly of Desire
  • 27.05 Amin Husain, New York, Palestine
    On This Land and Third Cinema Today
  • 29.05 General Assembly, Pnyx
  • 30.05 Georgia Kotretsos
    The Phototropics: Situated east of the Prime Meridian
  • 30.06 Rossen Ventzislavov
    Performance Art and the Body Politic
  • 10.07 Meeting Noah Fischer
  • 14.07 Luca Di Blasi, Berlin, Bern
    White, Heterosexual Men and the Rise of New Populism
  • 14.07 Lindsay Parkhowell, Berlin
    Antigone and the Sublime: Acts of Impossible Affirmation

Winter Semester 2016

  • 23.09 Deep Artist’s Talks ^^ Martina Schumacher, Berlin
    The Architecture of seeing: a talk focusing upon colour and transparency
  • 24.09 Deep Artist’s Talks ^^ Vilelmini Vilma Andrioti, Athens
  • 25.09 Deep Artist’s Talks ^^ Michael McGarry, Cape Town
  • 24.10 Art as remedy? Cultural work and the refugee “crisis”
    with Paris Legakis, Marina Gioti, Petros Lales, Vilelmini Vilma Andrioti, Margarita Tsomou, Yorgos Moutafis, Evi Lampropoulou, organized in collaboration with AthenSYN
  • 25.10 Deep Artist’s Talks ^^ Ivan Razumov, Moscow
  • 18.11 Pirate Cinema, Jan Gerber and Sebastian Lütgert, Berlin
    What can you do with a movie? What can you do with 100 movies? What can you do with 10,000 movies?
  • 19.11 Pirate Cinema, Jan Gerber and Sebastian Lütgert, Berlin
  • 16.02 – 28.02 UNIVERSITAS – workshops by Syrian, Greek, and German artists. Athens Biennale, Khora Athens, Skaramangas and Eleusis Camps. Conceived by Avtonomi Akadimia and AthenSYN. Organized by AthenSYN

Summer Semester 2016

  • 11.06 – 13.06 The School of Everything at the documenta 14

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