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There are various ways to get involved in Academy Gardens

1. by donating to the initiative for the establishment of the sovereign legal entity of Academy Gardens. Donations accepted in Ethereum. Get your Ethereum wallet here and send donations to this address: 0x13edb4ea938554d24949cd8c7605c2649609f75b

2. by leaving us your email to remain updated about the Academy Gardens movement.
(please, write “movement” in the comment)

3. Become part of the human-plant organism by submitting your email address to receive information on how to get involved in the governance of the Academy Gardens community. In order to protect itself, the garden will be issuing its own currency, Eros. Eros will be a bonding curve currency, and it will be using the Apiary contracts. You can receive information about how to be active participants and join the Eros currency by subscribing to our maillist. Holders of Eros will be able to participate in voting on any decisions about the release of funds towards the establishment of the legal entity of the garden.
(please, write “human-plant organism” in the comment)

4. Purchase the QR code embroidery shawl for: 2 Ether (limited availability).

Joulia_Strauss_Academy_Gardens_Embroidery Joulia_Strauss_Academy_Gardens_Embroidery_Uwe_Siebert

Contact us if you would like to purchase.
(please, write “embroidery” in the comment)

The Academy Gardens DAO initiative is made possible through the collaboration of Avtonomi Akadimia with The Trojan DAO and DAOincubator.

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