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We, Avtonomi Akadimia, Permaculture School, and many other communities and initiatives around Akadimia Platonos, work on establishing Akadimia Platonos Jungle as a person. #LegalRights4AkadimiaPlatonosJungle

We are one with the Jungle, and therefore we extend our human rights to her. The decolonial environmental turn of governance is a chance for a planetary politics. Our future depends on overcoming the conflict between growth-oriented criminality and indigenously inspired legislation for the protection of commons.

#LegalRights4AkadimiaPlatonosJungle initiative emerged out of our relation with the Jungle. Once, ‘biggest shadow bank on Earth’, BlackRock Inc, arrived with the plan to transform the garden into a block of concrete and abuse its symbolic capital. Instead of all the wondrous initiatives of the post-capitalist world, a shopping mall was to be erected here: Academy Gardens, 55,000m2 of shopping with a predicted build cost of 350 million Euros. We fought back. Avtonomi Akadimia and the many other groups connected to the garden, and that make up our polycephalic society, initiated actions, meetings, conferences and loud processions. The collectives around the garden published a petition on the domain www.academygardens.org. Thanks to the powerful collective effort the petition was widely distributed among the large worldwide scientific, philosophical and artistic community.

In collaboration with Yorgos Theodorakis, founder of the Permaculture School, we have began to claim environmental personhood for the Akadimia Platonos Jungle*.

In Greek, the gender of the word ‘garden’ (ο κήπος) is masculine, so Akadimia Platonos, updating itself, has now become a jungle (η ζούγκλα), which, in Greek, is feminine.

Please, participate in the process of the establishment of the sovereign legal entity of Akadimia Platonos Jungle. Become part of the jungle. Contact us if you would like to engage in whichever way.

By leaving us your email to remain updated about the #LegalRights4AkadimiaPlatonosJungle initiative.
(please, write “#LegalRights4AkadimiaPlatonosJungle” in the comment)



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